The Weeping Wall / Blue Hole Hike (Kauai, Hawaii)

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The Wettest Spot on Earth, Mount Wai‘ale‘ale on Kaua‘i
…It’s literally impossible to capture its full beauty and power on camera….it’s a whole different world back there.

The majestic weeping wall will take your breath away. The powerful wind gusts and lack of light at the back wall will make your mind believe you are in the middle of the ocean, lost at sea, in a powerful storm at night.

This is an extremely challenging hike that will have you sore for days. All your emotions will be tested back there.

You’ll have river crossings that are waist-deep with strong currents trying to rip you down stream.

Precarious slippery wet cliffs that you have to propel up and down throughout the hike…

The fear of flash flooding on the river you are hiking up that could leave you stranded in the wilderness for days….(It is not uncommon for clear, ankle-deep water to turn into a chest-high raging torrent in under an hour)

The poor ability of understanding what is considered “normal rain” and an actual storm that could cause a real flash flood….because it’s ALWAYS raining there…and only becomes stronger the deeper you get into the hike. (Even locals who are familiar with Kauai have been stranded and had to spend one or more nights out in the jungle from this hike)

It literally feels like a war-zone back there,

and the best part is finishing the hike, making your way back to the beach to see everyone else relaxing in the warm sun so calmly…as you just completed the most challenging journey of a lifetime.

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