Trying to be productive with anxiety + Lauren Mae Beauty visits 😍| The Weekly Vlog op. 6

How to be productive with anxiety: Meeting an important deadline can be difficult at the best of times. Throw in anxiety and imposter syndrome and it feels like you’ve just had a half-tonne ball and chain shackled to your ankles. It can be suffocating and destroys our creativity; however, over the last few months, I’ve figured out some strategies to help me to continue moving forward and maintain motivation even when my anxiety re-lapses. I hope they can help you too.

I also catch up with a couple of YouTuber friends this week! Rachel Aust is a long-time YouTube friend of mine that creates health, fitness, and minimalism content here on YouTube & Instagram, & Lauren Mae Beauty is one of my favourite beauty content creators who is currently visiting Australia all the way from the states!!! What a treat 😀

Rachel Aust:
Lauren Mae Beauty:

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31 thoughts on “Trying to be productive with anxiety + Lauren Mae Beauty visits 😍| The Weekly Vlog op. 6

  1. It's lovely watching your videos in the mornings when I get ready, with the good and the tough parts. It helps to see that there are mechanisms that you can use to go through harder times in life. In essence, this is more helpful than just seeing the good parts. I hope you do take the time to appreciate the efforts that you make going through this period, and I believe I am not speaking only for myself when I say that you have a lot to be proud of.

  2. If you ever made it to Oklahoma Us I would totally come see you!! I'd even brave a long car trip just to get to meet you! I have a bad back and hips so car trips past an hour are hard for me. But, I'd try my best to make it happen! Lol

  3. I dont have anxiety, but daughter, sister and mother have it. I didnt understand it, how they could get things done or concentrate until I had an accident at work and have permanent nerve damage and cervical dystonia. Now I have pain that causes me to be unable to think or be productive. When i have a pain storm, all you can think about is pain. And if you realize you have no choice but to move to got to the bathroom or something where you know its gonna hurt worse, my heart will race, and I will almost be in tears, and I get very fearful. My dr says its simalar to what happens physically when people have anxiety and panic attacks. I become anxious that what I do will cause more pain when I'm almost at overload. In that moment, I think I cant do this anymore, that death would be easier. I know not every panic attack is the same, or that all people bece suicidal because of anxiety. It has been said that you cant understand until you've been there, and I think I've seen just a small taste, something in the same ball park at least, and it helps me understand. Anyways, I am just learning techniques like you use to keep productive when it's too much. Doesnt work all the time, but frequently taking breaks or doing something eles before the pain gets to that terrible point helps, it stops me from doing things that inadvertently cause these pain storms. Even if it's to lay down and read a book instead of cleaning the bathroom. At that moment, its what I need.

  4. I'm glad that you managed to cope with your anxious day and keep going the day after. ❤️

    My cat is sitting on my lap while I'm watching YouTube, and she was like 🙀🙀 when you were doing violin practice. 😂

  5. I do the exact same thing with my planner. It kills me that I couldn't do all of the 15 things I planned for the day, and then the next day I'm pessimistic and defeated and don't do ANYthing. Over the last month I've been focussing on accomplishing just ONE thing on those sad days, and then inevitably I accomplish many more things once I've started. That part of your video really spoke to me!

  6. From one who suffers from anxiety, I understand all too well how your day was. I’m so glad you recognized it and made another plan. Thank you for the reminder!! Love and hugs to you, dear. Amy (the one who asked about your glasses the other day. I go to the doc tomorrow and am excited to see if they can get the glasses for me.)

  7. You are just so lovely, Arna. I always enjoy your videos so much. I used to overschedule myself as well, and I always felt like I let myself down or fell short when I couldn't complete everything on my list. Now I only schedule my "must-dos" or things I know I will finish. And if I am having a good day and can complete more then I feel empowered.

  8. I appreciate that you show both the ups and downs of your life. It shows that the people we see on here, IG and other social media platforms don't have perfect lives with no problems. Thank you. Also, I'm in the hospital right now, and watching you always puts a smile on my face. ❤

  9. Love watching your vlogs also. I like vlogs that show real life and that it what I look forward to when I watch your vlogs. We all have off days. I’m glad you were able to recognize what triggered your anxiety, and were able to turn it around. It’s hard when you’re feeling off.

  10. Such a lovely video as always. I know it must still be awful being away from Alex but you're such a strong person. You can do this!

    Starting tomorrow I might not watch and comment on every video right away because I'll be leaving for Japan for my yearly vacation! And I would absolutely LOVE if you were to come to the US for a trip! Please please do! I would love to come to any meet up. Just please let us all know enough in advance so we can travel to where you'll be and get time off work. Wouldn't miss it for anything! Lots of love your way <3

  11. Thank you for being open and honest. I know letting other people see you in a, less than a perfect way, can be difficult but I'm glad you made this. I'm glad you have been doing better, you're amazing, keep up the good work!

  12. Sending virtual hugs! 🤗 I, too, have anxiety, and have been having some worse days recently. One new thing I've found that helps is coming on YouTube and looking for "anti-anxiety music" which gives me lots of spa like music playlist options. They are just so soothing that it really helps me be able to calm down, and focus on what I need to be doing. You probably already have some favorite music go-to's, but if you're in the market for something new I definitely recommend it!

  13. I adore these vlogs. You’re so easy to watch and listen to. Glad you let yourself feel and the feelings so you could move on with everything else and not be held back by the build up of sadness and anxiety. You’ll be as right as rain ✨❤️

  14. Thank you for always being genuine with your viewers. You’re one of my favorite Youtubers because of it. Even if you have days where you don’t feel your best, I hope you know things will get better! ❤️ Lovely video as usual!

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